President’s Letter to Shareholders

As your new President of Colomont, Inc., I would first like to thank many individuals that made this exciting “relaunch” for this company possible.  The strong support of our shareholders, the sound guidance of our directors and advisors and the diligent selfless efforts of the members of what we call “Team Colomont” have brought us to where we are today. 

We are now ready to roll out our aggressive plan that encompasses a few key positions in the Hemp Industry.

The continued support of our shareholders has brought interest from new shareholders from all corners of the United States as well as from around the world, allowing Colomont to explore alternate facets of the ever-expanding industry. We are grateful to have an abundance of shareholders that understand what we are affronting and how to use this information to continue to grow as a leader of this industry. 

The ensuing year at Colomont will be filled with many new products and programs. A glimpse into what we have in our coffers is as follows but certainly not limited to: 

Colomont will be introducing a new product line. Federally compliant Vermont grown Full Spectrum products including Tinctures, Salves, Sports and Athletic creams and gels, Smokable/usable Flowers, as well as a product line of relaxation lotions.

Team Colomont has finished its 2019 harvest season with excellent results. Our new Analytical Laboratory with use of our Gas Chromatograph played a crucial role whereas it was used to determine the harvest date to give us the most efficient and compliant yield. 

Along with the use of determining the harvest dates the Gas Chromatograph is being used to identify the highly superior genetics for our newly introduced genetic breeding and mass seed production program. 

Colomont was completely harvested before October 1st with a loss of less then .5% due to environmental factors that have plagued the industry, which we can verify due to the abundance of unharvested hemp that stands in many fields through out the United States.  

The programs that have shown great success are our E-commerce online store at  as well as our Independent Sales Program that allows the public to join our team by helping create revenue and serve as an opportunity for personal income.

Members of our team have recently been in contact with many in the Hemp Industry including the state of New Hampshire (University of N.H., agricultural department, and the law makers / state representatives at the state house) to assist in building their Hemp cultivation and marketplace programs.  

Colomont has already testified before the Vermont Senate and House Ag Committee and the New Jersey Senate for their Hemp Programs.

Members of our team are preparing for a set of Sales shows up and down the east coast that specifically targets wholesalers and distributers of products on the multi-national circuit. 

Colomont has the finest products for the consumer as verified by the vast online sales throughout the United States and the testimonials we receive from our users. We expect the outcome of the shows to help with suppling our products to people who find benefits and relief of symptoms. 

The Board of Directors has made changes to the personnel and in doing so has the intention of being involved in new areas of the hemp industry.  A few areas of interest we believe will be the focus of Colomont on a National and Global scale.  Education, Genetic Efficiency Mapping, Federal crop loss validation, banking risk assessment, Bioremediation, and carbon tax credits.

Founder & CEO Chris Santee, Chief Financial Officer Stephen Polak, Attorney Robert Kaplan, Retired State Guardian Diane “CBDeedee” Iorlano, renowned Chef Jean Koegler and well respected Boston based businessman Jack Rybicki join me on the Board Of Directors.

We are currently negotiating with a member of the Medical professional community to join us for a future launch in that specific sector and a former statewide elected official to assist us in recommending legislation.

Former University of Colorado Microbiology Department Head Dr. Robert Melamede Ph. D., and the legend William “Billy” Greer advise the Board as our Chief Science Officer and CEO Cannabis Consultant respectively.

Thank you all for your continued support as future of this company is formed by the support of the shareholders, community, and the highly valued members of TEAM COLOMONT.

Merrill Hersey


Investor Information 

Share Value History 

April 2018

Shares of Colomont were offered at $0.25 per Share with many risks as hemp was still illegal federally but legal in Vermont.

This “grey area” held uncertainties for investors and hemp business people as well.

November 2018

Colomont enjoyed a tremendous growing season and stored tons of hemp successfully in warehouses and processed several CBD Isolate Products.

Shares of Colomont were valued at $1.00 per Share.

July 2019

With the Farm Bill being signed into law and the uncertainties of the “grey area” being removed, Colomont moved forward introducing new products created in our Laboratory.

Shares of Colomont were valued at $2.00 per Share.

August 2019

Colomont’s Board Of Directors approved an 8 for 1 Stock Split giving each shareholder eight shares for every one share previously owned.
With the 8 for 1 split, shares are reduced to 1/8 of their market price.

Shares of Colomont are valued at $0.25 per Share.


Shares of Colomont are currently being offered at $0.25 per Share by purchasing on the website or by sending check or money order to:

Colomont, Inc.
P.O. Box 4625
Burlington, VT 

Please include number of shares being purchased in the Memo on the check.

On a separate piece of paper,

Please include Shareholders name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone number for Colomont’s records and for communication purposes.

Colomont Inc.