Welcome to the Colomont, Inc. News Blog!

It’s often said the hardest thing about starting is the ‘start’ and while it has been a goal of ours to update this portion of our website for a while, today that plan comes to fruition and we are ready to start regularly updating our news blog.

Each week we will post three blog posts - maybe more if there’s some breaking news we are just dying to share with you.

Photo by James McNab

Photo by James McNab

Every Tuesday, we will post a 'Hemp Newsday Tuesday' blog (catchy name don’t you think?) with either news from within Colomont or news related to the fast-expanding commercial hemp and CBD oil industry. 

Every Saturday, we will turn back the calendar to talk Hemp in History. This amazing plant has been woven in the fabric of American history, literally, since the country’s creation. We have some interesting stories to tell, so check back each Saturday to learn a little more about hemp’s role in history, the people who helped it grow as an industry or just some fun facts we think you will find interesting.

Every Thursday will be a wild card of sorts and we haven’t come up with a catchy name … yet. If you have a suggestion - we are big into alliteration as you can tell. At any rate, some Thursdays we will post a Q&A with a member of the Colomont team or someone who can attest - through their personal experiences - about the benefits of using Hemp and CBD oil products. Sometimes we will share resources you use to learn more about hemp in more depth than we will cover here. Heck, we might even give you some tips on how to incorporate Colomont’s Hemp and CBD oils into your daily routine of good health through some recipes you might love as much as we do.

As you can tell, Thursdays are a work in progress, but aren’t we all, really? 

At any rate, we are truly excited to share this information with you! 

At Colomont, our core mission is to offer you the highest quality products we can provide to help you achieve more inner peace and a more pain-free existence.

Similarly, on our news blog we will strive to give you high-quality information, in small doses, applied regularly, to educate and hopefully entertain you a little, too.

Thanks for checking out our new blog and we hope you stop back regularly. If you have a news item to share, a comment to make or a suggestion for a topic to cover, we’d love to hear from you.

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