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One of the questions we get asked most is: What is the best way to use hemp and CBD oil?

Photo by Jessica Vittum

Photo by Jessica Vittum

The answer is never easy because everyone is different, but that’s OK, Colomont has an expanded line-up of different products to help you introduce hemp or CBD oil into your life.

On of the most popular methods people choose to use CBD oil is in liquid form. Recently, due to popular demand, we introduced a 1,000MG CBD oil blend. We were happy to respond to that request and are pleased to offer that composition for sale on our website.

Another product that is a consistent Colomont favorite is our hemp capsules, especially our Full Spectrum compositions. For those people, we have 25MG Full Spectrum capsules that wins rave views from those who use them.

One of the most popular recent additions to our product line-up is raw honey mixed to their 250 MG or 500MG infusion. Colomont’s honey comes from local Vermont bees, producing from local Vermont pollen. You wouldn’t expect anything else, right?

Photo by Jessica Vittum

Photo by Jessica Vittum

In addition to CBD oil’s restorative potential, it also has applications in the health and beauty field - notably with our new CBD beard oil and ever-popular CBD lip balm.

The beard oil not only is good for hydration, the CBD added to this product passes directly to your hair follicles and may promote hair growth. 

The ingredients that have been chosen for our lip balms have properties in them to act as a skin protectant and moisturizer. CBD has been said to help with inflammation of the skin and helps our cells regenerate. 

Many of these new products were developed from input from our customers. If you have a suggestion for a product you would like us to create, please let us know. We are always so happy to hear from our family of customers!

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