Q&A Thursday - The Many Uses For Hemp

Most people know that hemp has been used to make cloth, rope and paper for literally hundreds if not thousands of years.

But what else can hemp be used for?

Of course, at Colomont we use our hemp to produce CBD oil that we use in several different formulations to meet the needs of our customers who know the value of high-quality CBD.

According to an article on the website green-flower.com we have an estimated 25,000 used for hemp.

Here are some of the notable uses outlined in the article.

Fuel: Did you know that hemp could fuel the world? Hemp is the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly fuel crop. Depending on processing, hemp can produce two different types of fuel – hemp biodiesel and hemp ethanol/methanol.

Ink: When researching what hemp can be used for, this one caught us by surprise. Hemp oil can be used as a base for non-toxic inks. And compared to more popular materials like soy, hemp ink requires minimal processing and dries faster.

Batteries: Hemp-based batteries can be made at 1/1000 of the cost of our current energy systems. They can also outperform current energy storing technologies. A replacement to hazardous and non-environmentally friendly battery units, hemp batteries could help heal our planet.

Butter: Made from hemp seeds, hemp butter offers a rich nutty flavor. Its high fiber, protein, and magnesium content make it a healthy option for any diet. While hemp butter is available in some stores, it’s also very easy to make.

Tofu: Love tofu but avoiding soybeans? Hemp tofu may be the answer. Using the same processing techniques as regular tofu, hemp tofu simply replaces the soybeans with hemp seeds. While not quite the same texture as tofu, hemp tofu offers an incredible nutritional profile.

There are a lot more uses outlined in this article which is sourced below.

To be sure, hemp is a very versatile crop and one that has and continues to help chart the course of human history.

Sources: https://www.green-flower.com/articles/196/25-things-you-didn-t-know-could-be-made-from-hemp

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