Help us spread the word!

Like most businesses, advertising on social media is an attractive option. Reasonable rates and targeted marketing are a big reason businesses flock to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to spread the word about their products and services.

But unlike most businesses, Colomont is prohibited from using these platforms for marketing because those social media behemoths fear running afoul of the federal government.

Even though, according to an article on the CNBC website, "Currently, 47 states allow some form of CBD sales.”


But apparently that legal endorsement does not equate to equal treatment for hemp and CBD oil businesses like Colomont to enter into the advertising marketplace.

And that’s where you come in.

We can still post product shots and share testimonials about our products, but recent changes to Facebook and Instagram regarding business posts move those down folks’ newsfeeds unless they are liked and shared enough.

So here’s what we are asking:

If you want others to see what we have to offer and agree the quality of our products is worth sharing to those who might benefit, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram and when you see our posts, please like and share them.

It will move our posts up in people’s newsfeed - don’t ask us how, we aren’t in the algorithm business, ha!! - but we do know it works and it will help us introduce the hemp and CBD lifestyle to more people than we’d otherwise reach.

Colomont customers are very loyal and love our products and we love ya right back! So that’s why we feel comfortable asking you all to help us, help others. We know you will step up to join us in educating people to the hemp and CBD oil lifestyle and in return we promise to continue our efforts to supply you with the finest products we can!

For those of you who might want to meet members of Colomont, learn more about us and the products wes sell and the good work we are trying to do, there’s an opportunity this weekend. We will have a booth at the 50th Annual Vermont Home and Garden Show at the Champlain Valley Expo on Route 15 in Essex on April 6-7.

The event is sponsored by The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont and hours are 9-6 on Saturday and 9-4 on Sunday. The cost of admission is $6 for adults. Kids under 12 are free, as is parking.


Colomont Inc.