Newsday Tuesday - Hemp Farmers

Hemp farmers across the state are eagerly anticipating warmer weather and the start of the 2019 growing season.

On Monday, May 13, our friends at WCAX Channel 3 in Burlington broadcast a story highlighting the growth of hemp farming as an important piece in Vermont’s agricultural landscape.

It’s just another example how far hemp farming has come in terms of public education that a crop that was once deemed illegal, is now not only providing farmers a new opportunity, but those farms are also creating products that are so beneficial.

"When you go in a store, maybe in another state, and you see the Vermont label on it, you know that the hemp has been grown with quality and care," said Vermont Agriculture Secretary Anson Tebbetts, in the story that is published on the website

Tebbetts says the state is getting three to five inquires a day, with hundreds of farmers already licensed to grow hemp. But Tebbetts says it's important to have a plan in place before the planting begins. "Make sure you have a buyer lined up if you plan on selling your hemp to a processor," he said.

In other ‘news’ Colomont hosted a very successful Independent Sales seminar at Twigg’s in St. Albans on Saturday. The event was well-attended and if you missed it, no worries, there’s another seminar that will take place on this Saturday, May 18th at The Grind Cafe in St. Albans from 10-11 a.m. 

This event is free and open to the public.


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