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“As a dual sport athlete I’m constantly finding new ways to rehabilitate my body. Colomont products have been the key to recovering from the physical toll athletics have imposed on my body. I love the ease of Joint & Muscle Rub application and I also like how it contains zero THC.”

— Adnane A.


I like to mix them up, one day capsules, honey another, and the drops are so delicious, sometimes I have all 3!
— Zeb E.
I am so thankful to Colomont!!! I have had 4 surgeries, have osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis and Degenerative disc disease and a couple other health problems. I only take Colomont Product[s] and it’s amazing!! [...] Thank You!!!
— Lisa G. O.
[Colomont’s] CBD oil helps me fall asleep & stay asleep longer! My SPMS is easier to tolerate, I am a shareholder already & I thank Colomont for [...] helping all who suffer from all ailments feel better!
— Dayker J.
This stuff is the bomb!! Works really well.
— Kristine G.


“I give this oil a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I was taking the CBD capsules from another company and they helped but not nearly as much as the oil I purchased this past weekend at the home show in St. Albans. I have been taking it for not even a week and I feel 98% better. My joint pain has just about diminished my mood is so much better my anxiety is gone! I thought it was just a coincidence but day after day I feel so much better! It truly has changed my life! I will not try any other company again this stuff is the real deal!”

— Dustie P.



“I suffer from secondary progressive MS and MS is a funny disease. It took away my balance first in 2008 and I kept falling for no reason. After three months of misdiagnosis I drove back down to where I grew up just north of New York City and get one of the top 40 neurologists in the NY Metro area to look at me. Within five minutes she sent me STET to get an MRI which discovered the lesions in my corpus callosum white matter of the middle of my brain.

I ended up going to a total of nine neurologists in 5 years, hoping for a different outcome that never came. SPMS took away my ability to walk in the last 10 years, so now I am homebound and bed-bound. Without my husband here I'd be in a nursing home and really unable to sleep. One of the things that is most affected is your ability to sleep. I was lucky if I was getting four hours a night. I tried Ambien, now I take Belsomra. But the thing that really helps me stay asleep is Full Spectrum CBD oil from Colomont.

Since I started taking it every day throughout the day, I have the ability to sleep up to eight hours a night without waking up. The CBD oil has meant the world to me, because I've spent the last 10 years not being able to sleep more than four hours at a time. Period. It changed my life to be able to sleep now, by just adding CBD oil and it really means everything to me. I am finally back to being somewhat able to control something that I thought was lost forever.

Thanks to Colomont, my life has changed forever. The people that run Colomont have changed everything that used to be bad, at least for my sleeping. I can't thank them enough for helping me get back to as normal a life as I can get.”

— Jeannine D. B.

Tried it! Loved it!
— Dale W.


“It’s crazy I almost don’t believe it. I went from struggling really bad for last 5-6 months with depression, anxiety and anger getting to the worse it’s ever been. From day one of using this I started to notice a difference in my mood. I haven’t felt anxious and I’ve been in a couple situation that would have normally made me very anxious and I felt great! I’ve woken up every morning feeling so good, when I was starting to feel absolutely hopeless. Its real a real game changer! I couldn’t believe when my brother came over the other night and told me what it had done for him. Like I said he’s a veteran who suffers with severe PTSD. He said he hasn’t felt calm like he did the other night, he can’t even remember the last time he felt like that where his mind was quiet he said. I’m really blown away by this product and plan on sharing about for sure”

- Laura B.