Educational Seminars

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Colomont is now excited to offer seminars!

These fun, information-packed seminars give individuals, farmers and potential investors a tremendous opportunity to learn more about our leading-edge company and this fast-growing (pun intended) and ecologically sustainable sector of the local agricultural economy.

Our seminars are presented by extremely knowledgable folks who cover a broad spectrum of the hemp industry in terms of education and expertise and who are eager to share their experiences using down-to-earth (OK, last pun) language at a location near you.

Colomont's goal is to share our vast knowledge of this exciting and beneficial plant with forward-thinking people seeking education and opportunity. Our seminars provide industry-leading education in a concise, easy-to-understand way that many find more accessible and easily absorbed than reading a book or viewing an unaccredited video from the internet. 

Our seminars teach only the facts, backed-up with state of the art research and documentation that guide you through your first experience with hemp and CBD oil so you avoid common misconceptions and potential production problems.

Even if you are a savvy hemp grower, Colomont seminars provide in-depth knowledge based on our proven success that you can apply immediately to your existing operation. 

We strive meet the needs of everyone - farmers, consumers and investors - who would want to know more about the opportunities and benefits of raising hemp commercially and those who embrace CBD as a lifestyle choice.

We customize our seminars: We offer education and advice to small groups, large groups and even provide one-on-one seminars - whatever works best for you and suits your needs.

We are happy to travel near and far to give seminars hosted at colleges and banquet or board rooms - and if that’s not right for you, we also offer one-on-one consulting. 

Some Seminar Options:

          » A small meeting event: From 2-4 hours covering specific topics (pre-determined by the host, of course).

          » Large one-day corporate events: Typically six hours broken into three-hours sessions with a half-hour lunch break.

          » Upon request, an we can add additional second day. This allows us to cover more facets of the industry, often incorporating hands on programs. 

Material We Cover at Colomont Seminars:

Note: The material we cover during the seminar depends on both the length of the seminar and pre-determined topics mutually agreed upon.

● Financial side of a hemp business including: 

» Starting a business

» Integration

» Taxes

» Employees

● What hemp is:

» Advanced cannabinoid understanding

» Types/methods of cultivation 

» Industrial CBD

» Outdoor/green house/indoor

» Soil/hydroponics

● Farming/Growing:

» Small/large field growing

» Equipment 

» Plant maintenance/requirements till harvest

» From harvest to shelf stable products

● Processing: 

» What to expect

» The different methods used to process raw material

» Why and what process is best suit your needs

We use many methods to educate people during these seminars. We use visuals and as hands-on methods in our seminars. We incorporate group discussions and Q&A to make sure our methods and the information we deliver is clearly understood. Our goal is for everyone in attendance to leave feeling like an expert in the field with a clear understanding all things hemp.

If you have questions regarding booking a seminar, including availability and pricing, please contact us at  

We look forward to hearing from you!