Pure Hemp CBD Oil

Pure Hemp CBD Oil


Product Description: Each bottle contains 60 gel capsules - 25 MG each.

WEIGHT LOSS: MCT oil has a lot of health benefits including calorie burning, thus producing weight loss, as well as promoting fat oxidation and reduced cravings. 

IMPROVE SLEEP AND MOOD- Our Pure Hemp CBD Oil can help those with sleep issues such as interrupted sleep, insomnia, and stress sleep disorders including post traumatic stress disorder.

ANXIETY AND STRESS- The CBD isolate found in Pure Hemp CBD Oil provides health benefits to those that may suffer from anxiety and depression.

* Our focus is on health, not high *

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PRODUCT: Our Pure Hemp CBD Oil is made with quality in mind. This product is crafted in the USA. We source our CBD oils from American farmers growing the finest full spectrum hemp strains available today.

MADE IN USA: All of our supplements are manufactured, tested and bottled in the USA. Every purchase is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If satisfaction is not met for any reason we will refund you or get the right product for your needs.

These Pure Hemp CBD Oil capsules are a product of Colomont Inc.


SAFETY INFORMATION: Consult with your physician before taking any supplement. The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The FDA has not evaluated any statement regarding dietary supplements. Any statements made are not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any health condition or disease.

INGREDIENTS: CBD Isolate, MCT Oil, gelatin capsules.

NOTE: CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD and does not contain levels of THC.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 Capsule Twice Daily. Do not exceed 2 Capsules daily unless you have been directed to do so by your physician.