!-- Ed Snowden is a damn American hero. He, at risk to his own life and with no benefit to him, made the American people fully aware of just how much their own government is their enemy. Their own government does not trust them and invaded their own lives when they were not under any sort of suspicion and without due process of law. Seriously, how messed up is that? And you complain about Snowden? Complain about your president, legislators, and federal agencies that know the frequency with which you call your mother and change out the cat litter, evne though that's not any of their business. "Oh but if you've done nothing wrong, why should you care?" Because it's wrong and it's illegal. Exposing the wrongful and illegal actions of the government is a righteous and wonderful thing. Be thankful Ed Snowden fled. Be thankful he released that information. Tip your servers. I'm here all week. -->



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