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Greetings Team Colomont,

Effective October 1st, 2023

After sitting at the helm for ten growing seasons, Colomont’s Founder & CEO, Chris Santee has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and will be stepping down as Chief Executive Officer to fight his new battle. He feels good and he’s optimistic but treatments could become difficult and the Company needs proper guidance.
Jean Koegler will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of Colomont, Inc.

With about 95% of hemp companies in Vermont failing over the past ten years, Mr. Santee has guided Colomont on a high speed roller coaster ride through the storms of regulations and legalization in the State to legalization in the Nation.

Jean has been with the Company since early in 2018 and worked his way up to the position of Chief Operations Officer of Logistics, a position he has held for the last  three years.

With his expertise in recipes as a chef, Jean has created all the highly successful Colomont formulas for the finest CBD products with the tremendously valuable assistance of Colomont President Merrill Hersey.

Mr. Koegler has been at the right hand of previous Chief Executive Officer and Founder Chris Santee since early 2018.

“I’m 100% confident leaving the direction of Colomont to Jean. His business savvy, combined with a compassionate side will stay the course of insuring Colomont makes the world a better place while bringing Colomont to profitability”.
When available, Mr. Santee will still be around serving as Chief Visionary Officer, keeping an eye on the horizon for upcoming opportunities.


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Colomont History 2021-2023

At this time, Colomont, Inc. is no longer selling or buying Shares of the Company.
Hemp values still remain low and Colomont’s inventory has dropped considerably in value.
As Colomont has not achieved any significant revenues at this time, Colomont has not been able to pay any Dividends to date.
CFO Stephen Polak has been replaced by new Chief Financial Officer Robert Wilson.

Colomont Board of Directors rolled back the 8 for 1 Stock Split to better structure the Company for a future potential public offering.
Each investor’s number of Shares was returned to its original number.
Colomont Hemp growing operations have declined dramatically and today, Colomont has no grow operations.
This minimizes our risk and this year, with all the rain and flooding, has been a poor grow season anyway.
Colomont continues to make and sell products from inventory and remains in business.
If any more inventory is needed, it is readily available in Vermont.

Colomont has entered into talks with a Canadian company regarding a Global Distribution Contract.
Colomont continues with its original goals and is making preparations to utilize

and Phytoremediation:

and of course, we will continue to manufacture and market the finest CBD products.


Colomont History 2020

After the Hemp market became saturated in 2019, to make matters worse, the Covid Pandemic struck.
Dozens of Colomont employees were laid off.
Colomont products already produced were left sitting idly on store shelves in businesses that were closed in a Quarantine.
In other issues, Facebook and other affordable advertising venues then declined Colomont unexpectedly as Facebook claimed Hemp, like Heroin, was classified by the United States as a Class A regulated drug and therefore could not be advertised.

This too impacted sales online sales dramatically.

A pound of CBD flower, or buds, has fallen in value from $750 to $50.
A kilo of CBD Isolate, the key ingredient in making CBD products fell from a value of $7,500 to $500.
These price drops have caused easily over 90% of Vermont Hemp Registrants to go out of business.
Mr. Santee and Mr. Koegler did not draw paychecks, and still do not to this day.
After registering Colomont as a “C” Corporation with Secretary of State in the State of Vermont in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and registering the Company with the Vermont Department of Taxes, and registering the Company with the Vermont Department of Labor, the Vermont Department of Agriculture, the Vermont Hemp Registry and the Internal Revenue Service, the State of Vermont informed Colomont that it had not registered with the Vermont Department of Financial Regulations and the Department issued a Show Cause Order against Colomont.
Neither the Company, nor any of its officers, were never accused of intentionally avoiding registering Colomont with the Department. This was an Administrative error in paperwork. The State of Vermont stated at the latest Hearing on June 30, 2023 that there is a way to resolve this issue and move forward which would involve Colomont working closely with the Department. Colomont looks forward to the opportunity.

Colomont History 2019

With a large inventory successfully grown, harvested and warehoused, Colomont re-registered Common Shares of Stock with the Vermont Secretary of State. 
Colomont indoor grows expanded to a 5,000 sq. ft. facility and cloning operations commenced.

In March of 2019, USDA Commissioner Sonny Perdue warned us about a potential “flooding of the market”.

Colomont held seminars for Vermont farmers to educate and even had Vermont’s Lt. Governor David Zuckerman speak at this event:

Colomont spoke with Peoples Trust Bank’s Board of Directors, at their request, informing them of the ins and outs of growing hemp.
Colomont testified before the Senate and House Agricultural Committees on the difficulties of growing Hemp along with the potential benefits of successfully harvesting and marketing the “new” product that has been around for millennia. 
Colomont planted dozens of acres of high content CBD plants.

Colomont planted a dozen acres of industrial hemp for fiber, plastic and hempcrete construction research.

Colomont worked closely with Vermont Law Enforcement, and was featured in an NBC10 Boston news story:
Colomont Laboratory began production of CBD products and began selling wholesale to retailers.
Colomont hired many Franklin County residents to hang, dry and process tons of Hemp:
Colomont began offering Shares at $2.00 per Share and an 8 for 1 Stock Split was approved by the Board Of Directors re-offering Shares at $0.25 per Share and giving all existing Shareholders eight Shares for every one previously held. (This Split was later reversed by a vote of the Board of Directors).
As the USDA Secretary warned, the market became flooded:
AS Colomont’s Revenues began to exceed Colomont’s Expenses, in July of 2019, Colomont stopped offering Shares.







Greetings Team Colomont,

It is with great pleasure that Colomont would like to announce that we have withdrawn our investment opportunity offer.

The Company would sincerely like to thank all our supporters for helping us achieve this milestone.

Investment Opportunity may return in the future at any time as Colomont moves forward in its continued leadership role in the American Hemp Industry.

Anyone interested in following Colomont’s investment opportunities should e-mail us ( with your contact information.

Again, thank you all.

Chris Santee

Founder & CEO of Colomont




Colomont History 2018 –
Jean Koegler joined Colomont for his expertise in recipes and his enthusiasm in CBD.
A decision was made to expand the business, seek financing and build a “for profit” corporation.
A Chief Financial Officer was brought onboard.
Mr. Santee went to the Vermont Secretary of State’s office in March of 2018 to re-register Colomont, L.L.C. and become a “C” Corporation, so Colomont could raise investment money through selling Shares.
Colomont paid Vermont’s Secretary of State and registered 25,000,000 (Twenty-Five Million) Shares and Colomont began offering those Shares at $0.25 Per Share.
Investment was risky as hemp was still illegal by Federal law but legal under Vermont law.

At the direction of the Secretary of State’s Office and following the detailed “How to Register” list on their website, Colomont registered with the Vermont Department of Taxes, the Vermont Department of Labor, the Vermont Department of Agriculture and the Vermont Department of Agriculture Hemp registry and the Internal Revenue Service.
Enthusiasm in the Hemp Industry grew in 2018:
Colomont’s land, acquired with investor money was considerable:
Please see Drone footage Flyover of a Colomont Farm:
More aerial footage with Flyover 2:
At its peak, Colomont employed around 100 employees and spent considerable revenues (again, investors’ money) on payroll at $15.00 per hour and paid considerable funds to the State of Vermont Departments of Taxes and Labor in Payroll Taxes. Colomont confirmed farming is hard, expensive work where we are highly impacted by the rapidly changing weather patterns we see today and the registration fees and taxes of the government..
As a service to the Vermont farming community, Colomont testified in Montpelier at the State Capitol before the Senate Agriculture Committee and the House Agriculture Committee.
It was Colomont that informed the Vermont Lawmakers that several days with temperatures in the 90’s Fahrenheit altered the THC content in Cannabis plants naturally and that the limits of THC allowed by law should be raised from 0.3% to 1.0% in Hemp to prevent honest farmers following the laws from becoming victims with illegal crops.
Colomont successfully grew and harvested about 85 acres of high content CBD cannabis and 15 acres of a less expensive industrial hemp.
With the passage of the Farm Act, hemp became legal across the United States.
Colomont began offering Shares at $1.00 Per Share in November.

Colomont History 2015-2017

Chris came back to Vermont with the seeds from Dr. Melamede, that had produced these results to try growing them in Vermont soil.
From 2015 to 2017, Colomont was registered as an L.L.C. with the Secretary of State in the State of Vermont, researching the possibilities of growing Hemp in Vermont, producing CBD and recording all data, including consumers’ claims of relief. Mr. Santee began partnering with small, local farmers to produce Hemp.

After three years of research, the positive results people claimed were staggering.
We were not just seeing relief from seizures, but users claimed relief from headaches, back aches, arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and an overall benefit, they claimed was they just plain felt better.

Colomont, L.L.C. registered with the Secretary of State in Vermont and Mr. Santee began working with farmers on small grows. 
Team Colomont was born and extraction of oils began. CBD capsules were produced, a select group of people sampled the product and the responses were very encouraging.







Colomont History 2014
After being briefly educated on hemp and CBD by Dr. Robert Melamede, University of Colorado Chair of the Microbiology Department, Christopher Santee headed from Vermont to Colorado on a Fact-Finding mission.
He heard of a five year old girl, Charlotte, with Dravet Syndrome, suffering 300 seizures a week.

She, and her family, had lived a very rough life and after millions of dollars of treatment and medicines, she had no relief.

After one dosage of CBD, the results started showing immediately and the seizures stopped.
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured the amazing, young girl on a special news report regarding CBD and its potential benefits.

After learning the amazing benefits of cannabis, Mr. Santee had a vision.
Combining the beginning of the State name Colorado and the ending of the State name Vermont, “Colomont” was born to bring the knowledge of the cannabis world of Colorado to the Green Mountains and the fertile soils of Vermont to grow.

Hemp legalized in Colorado & Vermont
A seed was planted………….

Legal Disclaimer: The information and any statements contained herein may be forward thinking and while believed by Colomont to be 100% truthful, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed and the information herein should not be construed as investment advice. Any past successes should not be considered as certain future successes. Investing is always risky and farming in Vermont cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. Any individual, or entity, considering investment either financially or otherwise should consult with their own financial advisor before investing.