Our Story



Colomont was founded in 2014 by Christopher Santee after researching the benefits of hemp and it’s by-products. He wanted to make a positive impact on individuals and the world. After a fact-finding tour of Colorado in 2014, Colomont’s founder returned to Vermont and began growing hemp in some of the world’s finest soil. Since 2015 Colomont has provided fine CBD oil and hemp products to people far and wide. 

Before all of that, Mr. Santee received a strong education at The Albany Academy in Albany, NY. He then went on to study at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, followed by enrollment in the United States Naval Academy. Later, he attended Champlain College in Burlington, VT. He became well educated in accounting, economics, and business during his educational career. Chris went on to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Wall Street Small Cap Report during the 90’s. 

During the 2000’s Mr. Santee dedicated his life working with those with special needs. This led to personal research conducted over the past five years on hemp and its benefits. In particular, the component identified as cannabidiol and its effects on humans. A research trip that started in Colorado has now come to fruition and flourished here in the beautiful state of Vermont.  

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